Fonseca Merge
Tribe Profile
Season 'Survivor: Cape Verde'
Namesake Last name of the
President of Cape Verde
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 37
Tribes Merged Maio
Lowest Placing Member Isaiah Opossum (17/32)
Highest Placing Member Conor Yates (1/32)

Fonseca is the merged tribe in Survivor: Cape Verde. It was created by merging Maio and Praia with Dane Pitts and Isaiah Opossum coming back into the game from Outcast Island.


Adam SCV Anthony SCV Calvin SCV Conor SCV Dane SCV
Duncan SCV Grace SCV Greg SCV Isaiah SCV Mario SCV
Nathan SCV Nic R SCV Owen SCV Roy SCV

Challenge History

Episode Challenges
Reward Winner Immunity Winner
10 "TBA" Duck Feeder Mario
11 "TBA" Cookie Game Duncan
12 "TBA" Cream Machine Mario
13 "TBA" Milk the Cow Jess Jumping Dog Roy
14 "TBA" Lists, Lists, Lists Jess
15 "TBA" Finger Frenzy Jess
16 "TBA" Touchy Subjects Owen
17 "TBA" Winterbells Dane
Place the Rainbow Owen
Finale Anthony