Jules Weisman
Contestant Profile
Location United States
Age 20
Blog JoulesVerne

Survivor: The Lost City

Tribe(s) Pech
Placement 11/18
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 21

Survivor: Eternal Sonata

Tribe(s) Gjielo
► Lauridsen
Placement TBA
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against TBA

'Survivor: Cape Verde'

Tribe(s) Tarrafal
Placement 23/32
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 27

Jules Weisman is a contestant on Survivor: Cape Verde, Survivor: Eternal Sonata & Survivor: The Lost City.

Survivor: Cape Verde

Jules Weisman was a contestant on Survivor: Cape Verde.

Voting History

Jules Weisman's Voting History
Episode Jules's
Voted Against
3 Tarrafal Tribe Immune
4 Laure -
5 Greg TBA
6 Katie Hanne, Jess, Katie,
Mandy & Masen
Eliminated, Day 27

Survivor: The Lost City

Jules Weisman was a contestant on Survivor: The Lost City.


Name (Age): Jules Weisman (21)
Blog: joulesverne
Tribe Designation: Pech
Current Residence: United States
Occupation: COLLEGE bahaha i hate everything
Personal Claim to Fame: Fuq Matt Summers, amirite? but also i'm a perpetual camp counselor.
Inspiration in Life: Britney Spears, Shel Silverstein, powerful and awesome girls.
Hobbies: Stupid ass survivor shit, reading, youtube, beer pong?
Pet Peeves: Dirty dishes, loud eaters, people who yell about "YAAAAAS BINCH SLAAAAAY QUEEN" shut the fuq up.
Favorite Survivor Moment: Oh my god. Two things: Richard Hatch BITING A FUQING SHARK in all-stars or any Woo confessional or Greg's elimination confessional.
Favorite Food: Black olives. Barring that, pizza. Preferably with black olives.

Voting History

Jules Weisman's Voting History
Episode Jules Weisman's
Voted Against
Jules Weisman
1 Pech Tribe Immune
2 Pech Tribe Immune
3 Pech Tribe Immune
4 Ash -
5 No Tribal Council
6 Pech Tribe Immune
7 Jenna Jenna, Shareef, Trevor,
Regan & Jack
Voted Off, Day 21
Voted for
Sole Survivor