Justin Taylor

Justin SFI

Justin T S1 contestang

Contestant Profile
Location Florida, United States
Age 18
Blog FireIsKey

Tribe(s) Streymoy
► Vágar
Placement 4/20
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 72


Team ██ Team Orange Crush
██ Team Sublime
Placement 17/18
Challenge Wins 0
Arena Wins 1
Power Team 0

Justin Taylor is a contestant on TC: Battle of the Teams.

Battle of the Teams

He was on Team Orange Crush along with Jess Cole, Kaitlyn Gebrosky and Taj Cochrane. In Episode 5 there was a team switch, he ended up on Team Sublime along with Katy Brown.

Survivor: Faroe Islands

Justin Taylor was a contestant on Survivor: Faroe Islands.

Voting History

Justin Taylor's Voting History
Episode Jacob's
Voted Against
1 Streymoy Tribe Immune
2 Streymoy Tribe Immune
3 Streymoy Tribe Immune
4 Vagar Tribe Immune
5 Mandy -
6 Casey -
7 MJ -
8 Casey -
9 Molly -
10 Benji -
11 Maria;
12 Benji Benji
Voted Off, Day 72
Voted for
Sole Survivor