Laure Has A Podcast is a podcast run by Laure Probst. It has started from a Tumblr Survivor podcast but will now be all inclusive!

LHAP After Dark: Laure goes to School!

LHAP After Dark Laure goes to School!

LHAP After Dark Laure goes to School!

The one where Wes and Teddy are personally responsible for victimizing Laure over her lack of knowledge of Haiku’s, which spirals into a Billy Madison style tale of Laure going back to school.

Featuring Laure, Wes, Teddy, Fraser, MJ & Jerby

This is Tumblr Survivor: Jeopardy After Dark Edition

Laure has a Podcast After Dark

Laure has a Podcast After Dark

You know the latest jeopardy immunity challenge played in Olympics? Well we took the exact same questions to former Tumblr Survivor players who have advanced knowledge of the TV show, oddly enough they did really really really bad. You can hear Benji and Fraser sabotage their teams.Sam wanting to go to bed. Ryan and Laure hosting and laughing at their failure and Ms Survivor Jessie screaming at Benji whilst not improving the status of her team at all.

Featuring Laure, Ryan, Jessie, Teddy, Benji, Sam, Fraser, Jack & Molly


Sam Testimonial