Mario Johnson
Mario HoF
Contestant Profile
Location Maryland, United States
Age 21

Survivor: Sarawak

Tribe(s) Bintang
► Api
Placement 11/15
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 19

TC: Cutthroat

Team Blue Team
Mission Wins 2
Gulag Wins 2
Votes 21

TC: Fresh Meat

Teammate      Jordan
Mission Wins 2
Exile Wins 0
Votes Against 6
Placement 6/12

Survivor: Kugawa

Tribe(s) Ango
► Fizi
Placement 1/25
Challenge(s) Won 11
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 39

TC: Free Agents

Challenge Wins 1
Arena Wins 1
Votes Against 14
Placement 21/28

'Survivor: Cape Verde'

Tribe(s) Maio
Placement 10/32
Challenge(s) Won 16
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 60

'TC: BotT'

Team ██ Team Blackout
Placement Winner
Challenge Wins 6
Arena Wins 3
Power Team 4

Mario Johnson is one of the winners of TC: Battle of the Teams and the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Kugawa. He also competed in Survivor: Cape Verde, TC: Free Agents, TC: Fresh Meat, TC: Cutthroat, & Survivor: Sarawak.

Mario was introduced in the flagship game of RRN (The Challenge: Battle of the Teams) where he became one of the biggest Villains in not only the game, but the Tumblr gaming community as a whole. He was known for two things; the first being his immorality in arena challenges surviving every elimination he was put in, and the second being very confrontational ready to call out all of his enemies. Him being a villain meant TC: Battle of the Teams had no fairy tale ending as he, along with JaeMin Kim, stole first place from his opponents that had so badly wanted to see him eliminated. The Challenge: Free Agents, on the other hand, was a completely different story as he was voted in the very first round facing odds that weren't in his favor. He went back to his usual plan of winning arena duels, but his sins from the past caught up with him as he was eventually voted in one time too many and lost at a pretty low placement.

Battle of the Teams

He was on Team Blackout along with Adam Pemberton, Emma Lee and Laure Probst. In Episode 5 there was a team switch, he ended up on Team Blackout along with Jade Cassiopeia, JaeMin Kim & Josh Calhoun.

Survivor: Cape Verde

Mario Johnson is a contestants on Survivor: Cape Verde

Voting History

Mario Johnson's Voting History
Episode Mario's
Voted Against
1 Maio Tribe Immune
2 Maio Tribe Immune
3 Maio Tribe Immune
4 Maio Tribe Immune
5 Praia Tribe Immune
6 Praia Tribe Immune
7 Dane Individual Immunity
8 Praia Tribe Immune
9 Praia Tribe Immune
10 Grace Individual Immunity
11 Dane -
12 Owen Individual Immunity
Nic R.;
Nic R.
Connor, Dane,
Anthony & Duncan
13 Anthony Nic R., Jess,
Duncan & Nathan
14 Roy Dane, Anthony, Owen, Nic R.,
Duncan, Nathan & Roy
Voted Off, Day 60
Voted for
Sole Survivor

The Challenge: Free Agents

Name: Mario
Age: 21
Country: United States
Hobbies: Being shady and appreciation for tv/film and gay porn
Favorite TV Show: Sorry I watch more than 16 shows can't choose
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite The Challenge Contestant: Coral & CT
Favorite Color: Black

Survivor: Kugawa

Mario Johnson was a contestant on Survivor: Kugawa.

Voting History

Mario Johnson's Voting History
Episode Mario Johnson's
Voted Against
Mario Johnson
1 Ango Tribe Immune
2 Ango Tribe Immune
3 Ango Tribe Immune
4 Ango Tribe Immune
5 Norbert Isaiah
6 Jason -
7 Isaiah -
8 Catherine;
9 Casey;
Rhea, Catherine, Dan,
Brittany & Casey;
10 Did not vote
11 Brittany -
12 Dan -
Catherine -
13 Rhea -
Jess -
Sole Survivor, Day 39
Votes for
Sole Survivor
Jess, Brittany, Isaiah,
David, Simon & Bran

Survivor: Sarawak

Mario Johnson was a contestant on Survivor: Sarawak.

Voting History

Mario Johnson's Voting History
Episode Mario Johnson's
Voted Against
Mario Johnson
1 Bintang Tribe Immune
2 Picked Nic Picked by Junior
3 Picked Christine Picked by Nic
4 Api Tribe Immune
5 Picked Nic Ketua
6 Jake
Eliminated, Day 19