Mind Mayhem
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Version Mind Mayhem
Season 18
Season Run May 1, 2016 -
Episodes TBD
Host(s) Rhea Giuliana
Ryan Teddy
Contestants TBD
Runner(s)-up TBD
Teams TBD
Series Chronology
Previous Season 'The Amazing Race III'
Next Season 'TC: Cutthroat'

Mind Mayhem is an original game created by Rhea Giuliana and the eighteenth installment on Ryan's Reality Network.

This game will be based on, you guessed it, your MIND, and your goal will be to make it until the finale. If you’re wondering what it is, essentially, it’s a game that will feature trivia competitions in which you must compete in. The first half of the game will be played in teams, and eventually it will become a single person game. The games will be predominantly trivia based, up for interpretation, and each week will feature it’s own theme, and the competitions will be based around the theme.


Applications for the season were first released on April 7, 2016. The application was done online. It consisted of general information about the applicants. the blog is RNN Mind Mayhem and the tag is #RRNMindMayhem.


Episode Guide

Episode Advantage Competition Trivia Competition Safety Competition Safe Eliminated
Game Winner Game Winner Game Winner
1 "TBD" Poster Maker Luke Bl. & Dan Who Am I? Team 2 Criminal Activity Quiz Owen Phillip Matthew
2 "TBD" Knowing The Oscars Team 1 10 Worst & Best Dan Will Corey M.
3 "TBD" Music Video Team 2 Don't Forget The Lyrics Team 1 2005 in Seven Seconds N/A N/A Corey D.
4 "TBD" Label Me Team 1 What's That Capital Chris Dan Luke Br.
5 "TBD" Poem Chris Quotable Elliot Literature Quiz Will Dan Amanda
6 "TBD" TLC Show Pitch


Name Place Name Place
Luke-Blackmore-MM Luke Blackmore
17, England
Team 1
TBA Amanda-MM Amanda Belle
21, United States
Team 2

9th Place

Will-MM Will Ramos
24, United States
Team 2
TBA Phillip-MM Phillip Carmichael
22, Canada
Team 1

10th Place

Chris-MM Chris Topher Bronze Stars
24, United States
Team 2
TBA Luke-MM Luke Bright Bronze Stars
20, England
Team 2

11th Place

Owen-MM Owen Hella Gold Stars
18, United States
Team 1
TBA Michael-MM Michael Randall
18, Canada
Team 1

12th Place

Dan-MM Dan Disbrow Bronze Stars
21, United States
Team 2
TBA Corey-D-MM Corey Dedmon
16, Canada
Team 2

13th Place

Elliott-MM Elliott Hesson Diamond Stars
27, United States
Team 1
TBA Ben-MM Ben Levinson Bronze Stars
19, United States
Team 2

14th Place

Kait-MM Kait Reid Gold Stars
23, United States
Team 1
TBA Corey-M-MM Corey Meyer
23, United States
Team 2

15th Place

Kiersten-MM Kiersten Chomiak Gold Stars
19, Canada
Team 1
TBA Matthew-MM Matthew Henning
27, United States
Team 1

16th Place

Elimination Table

Mind Mayhem Elimination Table
Players Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Chris Win Safe Win Win Safe
Dan Win Win Safe Safe Safe
Elliott Safe Win Win Win Win
Kait Safe Win Win Win Safe
Kiersten Safe Win Win Win Safe
Luke Bl. Safe Win Win Win Safe
Owen Win Win Win Win Safe
Will Win Safe Safe Safe Win
Amanda Win Safe Safe Safe Out
Phillip Safe Win Win Out
Luke Br. Win Safe Win Out
Michael Safe Win Win Quit
Corey D. Win Safe Out
Ben Win Safe Quit
Corey M. Win Out
Matthew Out

Colors significance

     (WIN) This person won the Advantage Competition.
     (WIN) This person won the Advantage Competition and the Trivia Competition.
     (WIN) This person won the Trivia Competition.
     (WIN) This person won the Safety Competition.
     (SAFE) This person did not win the Trivia Competition but was not voted up for Elimination.
     (SAFE) This person survived the Elimination vote.
     (OUT) This person was eliminated.